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I am the author of two short story collections, Faces and Wind Angels, two novels, The Journal of Nicholas the American and Saint Hiroshima and other uncollected stories.

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about me

I was born in Denver, Colorado but now home is Hastings, England, having emigrated in 1985. I wrote stories from the time I was small and sold one story to a teen magazine at the age of 12, but my first professional sale was years later to Analog magazine. Since then my stories have appeared in the UK and the USA and many have been translated. Some stories have been collected into two books, Faces and Wind Angels, and my two novels are The Journal of Nicholas the American and Saint Hiroshima.

Some of my bread and butter survival strategies over the years have involved deciphering doctors’ handwriting, answering phones and alphabetizing things but, apart from writing, would prefer to stitch and play the viola and go for a walk. I have two fabulous grown children.

I am represented by my agent, John Jarrold: